2 packs glitter nail wraps




2 packs glitter nail wraps full cover adhesive nail art stickers stripes checks decal beauty nails decoration accessories D1314
These look so cute and gorgous on any colour nail vanish.
Environmentally friendly,No more drying time, containes 16 nail wraps per pack, last up to 14 days
Package Containes:
2 packs  ( there are 2 sheets identical design stickers in each pack, and 8 pieces stickers per sheet )
4 sheets ( 32 pieces ) of adhesive nail art stickers to fit all fingernails, toe nails and nail tips.

1. open the package and open the protective film.
2. remove clear cover. select the size nail wraps that best fit your nails, then remove the clear covering.
3. remove nail wraps. gently peel the nail applique from its paper blacking by pulling on the black tab.
4. apply to nail & gently stretch to fit. place and smooth the applique on your nail until it is wrinkle-free,
    and gently stretch for a perfect fit. to realign or resize, peel off the nail warps, reposition and re-apply.
5. remove excess. crease the nail wraps over the tip of your nail, and remove the excess by filing in a downward motion.
6. optional: put the suface coated with light oil in the nail.


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